Alex was born in Wisconsin and moved to Napa with her family as a baby. She was first introduced to dancing at the age of three, when she began taking tap and ballet classes through the Rec Department. She loved dance from that moment on. First dancing at Napa Valley Dance Center and then joining Academy of Danse at age seven, Alex started with tap, progressing through the years to learn ballet, hip-hop, jazz, pointe, contemporary and musical theater.

Alex has danced on the Academy of Danse Competition Company for many years and was team captain for two years. She enjoyed the community of the team and is grateful for the close friendships she made.

Alex graduated from Vintage High School in 2019. During her four years there, she was a part of the dance program, as a dancer for three years and as a choreographer/teacher during her senior year. Alex enjoyed the creative outlet that the Vintage jazz program gave her.

Alex has been enrolled full time at Napa Valley College for the last three years and has transferred to focus on her major studies in Medicinal Biochemistry. While studying at NVC, Alex received an Associate’s of the Arts Degree in Spanish and her IGETC certification.

Alex currently works for a retired SF neurosurgeon in administration and medical research.

Alex has worked as a nanny for many years. She loves working with children and works for many local families, helping with their childcare and children’s tutoring needs.

During her years as a young dancer, Alex aspired to become a dance teacher herself. It is her dream job as it combines her love of dance with her love for children. After assistant teaching a jazz class at the studio for a year, Alex was very excited to lead her own Hip Hop class the following year. This will be her fourth year teaching Hip Hop, her third year teaching Jazz and her second year teaching Ballet.

In previous summers, Alex has taught Hip Hop/Jazz combo classes to younger dancers, ages six to eight, through the Napa Rec department. This was a very rewarding experience for Alex as it was through a Napa Rec dance class many years earlier, that she had first developed her love of dance. Getting to share her passion with a younger generation of dancers was incredibly meaningful to Alex.

Alex enjoys teaching dancers of varying ages and abilities as she loves to see the individual personalities of her dancers shine through in class and onstage while performing her choreography.

Alex loves teaching and the great relationships she has with her students. She finds progressing her students’ dancing to be so rewarding and really looks forward to seeing them each week. She is excited for another great year of dance at the studio!