Bianca Rodriguez has been a teacher here at the Academy of Danse for 6 years. She has been a dancer with us since the age of three. She was first inspired to take dance classes by her God sister Skye. As the years have gone by she has learned and enjoyed different dance styles including; tap, jazz, ballet, musical theater, contemporary, hip hop and was even in DeeAnn’s Disney Princess pointé dance in 2009. At the age of five she joined the Napa Valley College Ballet Folklorico dance group and participated in it for about seven year. She had the opportunity to perform dances from different regions of Mexico.

After the seven years she was asked to audition for the Academy of Danse competition team. Being the youngest on the team that year she loved having a group of girls, not only on the junior team but also the senior team, to look up to. She was on the team for five years and loved all the team bonding moments. Going out to dinner at crazy hours, hair and makeup before competitions and team practices during the week. Through out the years she also loved growing as a dancer and as a person.

Upon graduating high school in 2013 she registered for classes at the Napa Valley College for the up coming fall semester. But it only worked out for a year. Bianca hopes to return to school but at the moment is focusing on work. In April 2014 applied at the Napa Marshalls/Homegoods store. Bianca, along with a few others, was able to see the store grow from an empty building into what it has become today. In September 2015 she was promoted to part-time CEC (customer experience coordinator). Bianca has gained a confidence that she never thought she had and hopes to help others find theirs. She, along with being a teacher at the studio, has been working with kids at an in-home preschool since July 2017 and loves it. In becoming a teacher Bianca hopes to, again, help others build a confidence in dance and teach them to enjoy dance as much as she does.