Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements from many other dance genres and styles including jazz and ballet. This class will teach a student to use their emotions and portray stories through dance. Learning how to move in a fluid but controlled style as well as developing skills that are used in all styles of dance. This is an enjoyable class to really express personality and work on self-confidence.


Tap is a style that will quickly develop a dancer’s coordination and rhythmic ability. While it is challenging this style is extremely beneficial and a very enjoyable class. The musicality and tap technique taught in this class will add to a dancer’s well-rounded base of knowledge regarding all styles.


Ballet is a style that incorporates the use of the ballet barre to learn basic steps and positions, which will be combined to create simple combinations.  Learning how to maintain correct posture, which in ballet, involves everything from the feet to the top of the head and everything in between. After the barre; dancers continue stretching, working the hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, back, and other muscles of the body. Educating the students on the names of the steps and what they mean in the French language. Dancers will learn about turnout and correct body placement. They will expand their repertoire of jumps starting from a basic position and increasing in difficulty. Dancers will work to improve their turns with proper use of the arms. Traveling across the floor learning sequences that strengthen all aspects of dance. Ballet is the foundation and base for all styles of dance.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a familiar and popular style of dance in the modern world. Commonly seen in movies and on television it is a rhythmic, free, and fun style that is very entertaining to an audience. Learning the skills in hip-hop requires using stylized techniques and trying new popular hip hop moves. Hip Hop also strengthens a dancer physically and promotes self-confidence.


Jazz is one of the most popular and commonly known styles of dance. It requires the understanding of strength, flexibility, and technique required through dance. A jazz class consists of turning, kicking, leaping, and moving rhythmically to music. A dance class with a centered focus on jazz can produce a well-rounded dancer that excels in many skills needed in all styles of dance. Choreography learned in these classes includes jazz style from vintage eras to the current upcoming new styles of today. Using a wide variety of music and movement, jazz is a fundamental style for any dancer.

Hip Hop/Jazz Combo

The Pre-Hip-Hop/Jazz class teaches fundamental jazz steps and combines the elements of hip-hop moves and contemporary music. Our classes combine these two dance styles into one program that has been designed for the young dancer!

Musical Theater

Musical Theateris a very fun and well-known style, particularly enjoyable for a dancer who loves to be on stage. Using songs from Broadway musicals and every play imaginable the style focuses on skills and moves you would typically see on a Broadway stage. It is a fantastic way to feel like you are in the theater without having to sing or act.  Jazz technique, style, and expression are also taught in this class focusing heavily on encompassing the specific character of a piece. It will enhance a dancer’s education and prepare a student for future theater opportunities.


Pointe is for dancers who have reached a point in their dancing where they are strong enough to learn the style wearing pointe shoes. First year pointe students will start slowly at the barre and will gradually move to center work on two feet. Building strength and establishing proper placement on pointe is important to expand their abilities. As students increase in their level and ability they will be given more challenging work and will continue to build strength by executing turns, jumps, and combinations of other moves. Dancers in this class are required to be in a ballet class as well as a technique class. This style is the most challenging in dance and there is great pride for a dancer in learning and executing it well.


Ballet/Tap Combo Class – Ballet and tap exercises are taught to introduce important dance basics such as stretching, concentration, rhythm, coordination and discipline. The purpose of this class is to provide a strong foundation for continued dance training as well as develop a love for dance itself.

Tiny Tots

Introductory combo class consisting of Ballet/Tap – covering the vocabulary, ballet positions, stretching and Creative Movements. Basic tap skills are taught to upbeat children music. Children also learn performance skills.