Jaycie Valine has been dancing since she was two years old, it has completely consumed her life and she loves it that way. She has been a part of the Academy of Danse Competition Company since 2010 and has been a very active coach since 2014. Jaycie continues to expand her coaching presence every year and choreographs numerous routines as well as teaching the two advanced levels of both contemporary and jazz, an advanced ballet class, and a technique class. Jaycie is also the coach of the Pre-Competition Company.

Jaycie graduated from Justin Siena High School in 2016 and then attended the Napa Valley College where she got her associates degree in natural sciences and math. She also completed a program to earn her certificate of nursing assistance through clinical hours worked at the Holderman Hospital in Yountville. She transferred to Arizona State University and is earning her bachelor’s in biology and will graduate in May of 2023, then she will go on to teach medical science at a secondary education level.

Jaycie has grown up working alongside teachers as an assistant for different styles and now has enjoyed teaching her own classes since 2013. She loves her current and future students and hopes to see them improve throughout the years she teaches them and after. Jaycie looks forward to creating more memories this year while coaching, teaching, and continuing to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Jaycie has been taught many things from her most admirable and inspirational hero, her mom. DeeAnn Valine has owned the Academy of Danse with Jaycie’s father, Matthew Valine for over two decades. Jaycie has grown up watching DeeAnn teach, coach, and raise the Academy of Danse family. The other teachers and staff of Academy of Danse have been a big part of Jaycie’s life since she was born and she considers them all, past present and future, a part of her family.

The past competition seasons have been very successful for the company and Jaycie. She has received choreographers awards from multiple competitions and her routines have scored high and been placed in overalls. This last season she had one of her routines earn a first place overall award. She loves seeing the hard work the dancers put in and the time they sacrifice pay off. Jaycie looks forward to another impressive season with her dance army and cannot wait to watch them do it!

Jaycie has been instructed by an exceptional group of teachers and choreographers and will continue to use the lessons she has learned in her own teachings. She loves all styles of dance and has taken classes in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, and Technique. Jaycie hopes to continue to strengthen her dancing ability along with the support of her amazing Academy of Danse family as it continues to grow.