Julia Valine started dancing at the young age of two at Academy of Danse where her mom and dad owned the studio. When Julia started dancing she instantly fell in love with it. Julia had two sisters that also grew up dancing with her. Her older sister Jaycie and her younger sister Jessica. Julia got to always have her mom by her side at the studio. Julia has been dancing for over the past 17 years here at this studio and it has become a second home to her and all her teamteames and students have become a second family. Julia started with tiny tots, then pre dance, then tap and ballet, and soon after added jazz and hip hop, and later down the road she added pointe. Once she started she could not stop she knew she wanted to dance as much as
she could for as long as she could. Julia auditioned for the AOD Pre-comp team in 2012, and started competing that year. Just after one year on the precomp team Julia auditioned for the AOD competition company in the spring of 2013 and made the team! Each year Julia excelled by adding dances and competing various styles.

Julia is going on year 11 of competing and although it’s lots of time, work, and commitment Julia would not have it any other way. Over the years of competing Julia has done group numbers, duets, and has competed two solos that were both very successful and received top scores for multiple competitions. Julia also started coaching for the AOD team in 2021 and has been coaching for the team ever since. Although Julia loves the dancing and the competing aspect If you were to ask her what her favorite part would be she would say working and building relationships with her students. Julia has a heart of gold and cares so deeply towards every child or student she has had.

From a young age Julia showed excellent leadership skills and was picked to be team captain in 2021 because of the way she puts people first and cares for everyone else. Julia started teaching at the studio her sophomore year of high school, she started with hip hop 1/2 , and then as time went on she added hip hop 3, and Jazz, along with some one on one private lessons. Julia attended Justin Siena high school and graduated as the class of 2021. Julia always found a way to balance school and dance. Julia Is attending NVC right now and working on her associates in Psychology, in hopes of transferring to a four year and being a therapist or counselor in the future. Julia believes her calling is to help others, and through dance she discovered that she loved working with teens and kids and wants to continue with that as her life goes on. Julia loves being at the studio, and is a friendly face you can always come to if you ever need something. Julia started an anti-bullying campaign and has done it each year during the month of October. Julia wants to make an impact on kids’ lives.

Just as much as dance means to her, creating a safe environment with no judgment and so much love is also a top priority. Julia has loved being a part of her family’s studio for practically her whole life. Dancing and getting taught by her sisters and mom created the best life she could have asked for. Dance is something that Julia will love forever and will take with her wherever she goes. Julia says Academy of Danse had a part in shaping who she is and she is
so grateful this studio has been such a close community and she feels like everyone here is family. Julia hopes that she can make the studio as special as it was for her for other people as well.